Pigface Basinet Helmet

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The bascinet (bassinet, basinet, bazineto) was a Medieval European open-faced military helmet. It evolved from a type of iron or steel skullcap, but had a more pointed apex to the skull, and it extended downwards at the rear and sides to afford protection for the neck. A mail curtain ("camail" or aventail) was usually attached to the lower edge of the helmet to protect the throat, neck and shoulders. A visor (face guard) was often employed from ca. 1330 to protect the exposed face. Early in the fifteenth century, the camail began to be replaced by a plate metal gorget, giving rise to the so-called "great bascinet." Eventually, though, warriors chose to discard the unwieldy great helmet in favor of choices like this Pigface Bascinet, which offers similar protection with more comfort. The problem with traditional medieval great helmets is that they are stifling and difficult to see out of, and those are two problems that this pigfaced bascinet helmet remedies with ease. The helmet is designed with a raised, pointed crown with a central ridge, which provides deflecting protection to the top of the head, while the front is left completely open, and then covered with a 'mask' mounted on a hinge, allowing it to be opened and closed at will. Twin slits allow the wearer to see out, while still protecting the eyes, and a pointed muzzle on the helmet, along with its multitude of small holes, facilitates better breathing and ventilation, making the helmet much cooler to wear. We are proud to present our impressive, beautiful, actual working replica Pigface Basinet Helmet. Our Pigface Basinet Helmet comes with a display stand included, so you can easily display it in any room. You are sure to get many admiring comments wherever you place this impressive, historical Pigface Basinet Helmet. Our museum quality helmet make a great gift for the history lover and create the ultimate focal point in any home. Now you can own a piece of history with our unbeatable price!

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  • Colour: Silver/Gold/Brown
  • Dimensions: Dimensions: W: 40cm x H: 36cm 
  • Weight: 2.42kg
  • Material: Steel/Wood
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